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Breaking dharma essay other spell

While there may well be deeper reasons for this behaviour and also a deeper basis of unhappiness that lies at the root of it [such as in unresolved childhood unhappinesses, or mixing with the ‘wrong people’], Buddhism, in typically pragmatic style, seeks merely to deal with the problem as-is and to reduce the extent and power of one’s current addiction. All other factors can be addressed through meditation, self-restraint and discussion.

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Although many devotees bury their doubts and questions, the tantric scriptures do not demand it. They wisely spell out the precariousness of the guru-disciple relationship and call on teachers and students to inspect one other for years before making this esoteric pact. In practice however, ‘secret’ empowerments are freely available. The Dalai Lama’s public Kalachakra rituals are organized and attended like rock concerts. Few devotees pass up the opportunity, and then they’re supposed to view the officiating lama as a tantric guru.

Breaking dharma essay other spell;

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According to Vaishnava tradition, kaivalya or happiness of one's true state comes only after the experience of true self (atmanubhava). The individual jiva is truly a servant of God, but because of ignorance and attachment, he becomes a slave of his senses and mind and forgets his connection with God and the true nature of himself. At some stage in his existence, after going through several lives, he experiences despondency (nirveda) and non-attachment (vairagya) and becomes a seeker of liberation (mumukshu). He realizes the futility of performing meritorious acts to attain the pleasures of heaven or success upon earth, because he finds them to be displeasing, uninteresting and impermanent. He therefore yearns for permanent liberation from the travails of his earthly existence, through various means (upayas), which are especially meant to neutralize his ongoing karma and also exhaust his previous or prarabdha karma. These means are discussed below.

2. Karma yoga. If karma means performing our obligatory religious, social, moral, personal and professional duties, karma yoga means performing them with a certain attitude, in which the desire for the fruit of action or the result and the feelings of egoism are absent. A karma yogi performs desireless actions (nishkama karma), with detachment, as sacrificial offerings to God, without an eye for their results. He realizes that it is not possible for any one to live without performing actions and since actions create karmic consequences, he should save himself from their impact by developing detachment from the consequences of his actions. A karmayogi is duty bound, not desire bound. He renounces the fruit of his actions (karmaphala sanyas), not the action itself (karma-sanyas). Since he has no interest in the consequences (results) of his actions, they do not bind him. He also sacrifices his egoistic feelings in performing his duties by acknowledging God, as his real self, doing the works through him as His instrument. Karma yoga is considered to be easier to practice and especially meant for people who are teachers, scientists, artists, writers, kings, scholars and men of knowledge, who can help others and spread the knowledge of God with detachment. King Janaka was one notable example of a karmayogi we find in our scriptures.

Breaking dharma essay other spell. College paper Writing Service

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Mindfulness. Buddhist teachers emphasize awareness as a means to become free of the illusions of attachment, avoidance, and permanence. Meditation and mindfulness practices open our being to accepting impermanence and breaking overidentification with the ego. They remind us that all we truly have is this present moment and increase our ability to be ourselves in the here and now.

Spell Psychology. In Jim Grant’s Spell Psychology, we all, to some extent, operate as if under a spell, viewing ourselves, others, and the world through the haze of embedded concepts, feelings, and coping mechanisms. In this unaware, hypnotic state, we behave as if we are following a wizard’s commands: we perceive, think, feel, and act in ways the wizard believes are in our best interest, but which almost always keep us from realizing our true potential. Spell awareness liberates us from these commandments. Recognizing that a feeling or thought may be real, but that it is not a true response to or representation of the world allows us to break our habitual patterns and reactions and respond in a fresh, full way. From that place, we can make aware choices about what we do, how we see, and how we live.

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Compassion doesn’t include self-neglect. If you don’t look after yourself, how can you have compassion for others? This is not a path to enlightenment but to denial and blindness.

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There is nothing wrong with buddhism ( At least I dont think so ) What is wrong is the way it is practiced in the Tibetan tradition. They practice buddhism as though Buddha says the direct opposite of what he does, and then lies about it.
Buddha said “see through illusion”. Tibeten buddhists bend reality to be as they find it fitting, and then lies about it, and says they are seeing though illusion.
Buddha said compassion. Tibeten buddhists….
That is just wacked.
I cant speek for all tibetan buddhists centers, practioners and teachers, and say it is the same everywhere. But everytime I have given it chance, I have been scared….

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I do not despise you priests, all time, the world over,
My faith is the greatest of faiths and the least of faiths,
Enclosing worship ancient and modern and all between ancient and modern,
Believing I shall come again upon the earth after five thousand years,
Waiting responses from oracles, honoring the gods, saluting the sun,
Making a fetich of the first rock or stump, powowing with sticks in
the circle of obis,
Helping the llama or brahmin as he trims the lamps of the idols,
Dancing yet through the streets in a phallic procession, rapt and
austere in the woods a gymnosophist,
Drinking mead from the skull-cap, to Shastas and Vedas admirant,
minding the Koran,
Walking the teokallis, spotted with gore from the stone and knife,
beating the serpent-skin drum,
Accepting the Gospels, accepting him that was crucified, knowing
assuredly that he is divine,
To the mass kneeling or the puritan's prayer rising, or sitting
patiently in a pew,
Ranting and frothing in my insane crisis, or waiting dead-like till
my spirit arouses me,
Looking forth on pavement and land, or outside of pavement and land,
Belonging to the winders of the circuit of circuits.

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I agree however, that the teachings within Indo-Tibetan Buddhism can be used to establish and to abuse power. But this is a human failing and not necessarily the failing of Tibetan Buddhism, and you find this also among practitioners of other Buddhisms and religions, Atheists, Scientists, Agnostics etc.

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