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Argumentative Essay About Divorce

[13] From the different aspects mentioned before, we know that divorce may occur mucheasier in this modern society. In fact divorce rates are obviously not a direct index ofmarital unhappiness. It does not include people who are separated but have not beenlegally divorced. Besides, people who are unhappily married may choose to stay together -because they believe in the sanctity of marriage, or worry about the financial oremotional consequences of a break-up, or wish to remain with one another to give theirchildren a familyhome.

"The Effects of Divorce and Maternal Employment On The Home Environments Of Preschool Children." Child Development 53.5 (1982): 1392-1399. Professional Development Collection.

Argumentative Essay About Divorce - …

Health, examined the thesis that "the psychological effects of divorce

"The Effects of Parental Marital Status During Adolescence On High School Graduation." Social Forces (University Of North Carolina Press) 71.1 (1992): 103-121. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection.

[8] Referring to the opportunities for individuals to escape from a marriage, we cansee that the stigma attached to divorce has been considerably reduced. Goode argues thatthe change in attitudes towards divorce is part of the more general process ofsecularization in western societies. Secularization refers to the declining influence ofthe church and of religious belief in general. Sociologists say that secular beliefs andvalues increasingly direct behaviour. People now ask themselves whether divorce is aprocedure to fulfil their needs, instead of as a moral one.

Great Persuasive Essay on Divorce: Useful Tips to Succeed

Social Forces (University Of North Carolina Press) 69.3 (1991): 235-254. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection.

"Parent–Child Relationships In The Context Of A Mid- To Late-Life Parental Divorce." Journal of Divorce & Remarriage 53.1 (2012): 1-17. PsycINFO.

On the other hand, what is the meaning of selfish andirresponsible? In fact, it is quite a subjective concept as it involves value-judgementand cannot be measured so accurately. To me, irresponsible in marriage means that one isnot properly care about the marriage, while selfish means one is chiefly thinking of one'sown needs and welfare. According to definition, the rise in divorce rate cannotsufficiently indicate the selfishness and irresponsibility of people . In order to have aclear concept, let us use some cases to indicate it.

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Divorce arguments essay - Três Reis Relojoaria

Divorce can affect the child later in life than in just the time period of the divorce. As discussed previously, the child will suffer a lack of development which in turn will lead to a lack in education. Because of the divorce, the child will befall to less motivation to finish school or pursue a professional career and therefore not able to sustain him or herself. A study was originally done in 1979-1985 with a national sample of males and females but Gary Sandefur, Sara Mclanahan, and Roger Wojtkiewicz in Social Forces, a peer reviewed journal from the University of North Carolina Press, confined their analysis of individuals who were ages 14-17. They discovered that “individuals who resided with a single parent or a parent and stepparent at age 14 have rates of high school graduation that are lower than the rate for those who resided with both original parents.” Consequently, “the effect of family type on college attendance is largely due to its effect on high school graduation.” This evidence proves that children who come from broken families are less likely to graduate from high school and accordingly less likely to pursue a professional career. Divorce not only affects the child a few months, maybe years later, but for the rest of his or her life. Knowing this, that their children are less likely to go forward with their education, parents need to become more aware of the consequences of their choices.

Effects Of Divorce On Children - Law Teacher

[15] In the past, divorce was absolutely disapproved and only granted in case ofnon-consummation of marriage. But, does the existence of the marriage mean that bothspouses are satisfied? Maybe, they have constant fighting or one of them is physically andsexually abused by their partners, or they just concern their own benefits though they areliving under a same roof. In this case, though no divorce take place, selfishness can befound.

Arranged marriage ( argumentative essay) | Marriage | Divorce

Brody, and Zolinda Stoneman, in an education journal, demonstrate this principle. They took 60 families; half of them intact families and the other half were households run by the mothers. After experimentation, they discovered that “preschool children residing in mother-headed divorced households were experiencing less stimulation than children residing in the intact households.” Less stimulation can lead to so many other things. Without proper stimulation or development, the child won’t grow properly and it will affect him or her academically. Not only will the child feel abandoned but will not receive proper development. Parents need to attempt to stay together because such actions aren’t easily fixed when the consequences remain this severe.

Argumentative essay about divorce. Research paper Service

4. You won't start your married life in crushing debt. It's often said that financial issues are the biggest cause of arguments and difficulties in a marriage, sometimes leading all the way to divorce. Doesn't it make sense to ensure you and your wife-to-be are in the black as soon as humanly possible? Saving for a down payment, creating an emergency fund, and putting aside money to invest are all substantially easier when you're not paying hundreds of dollars a month to the lending institution that financed the diamond purchase.

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