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Essay On My Dreams And Ambitions - …

to that point though, i will say that we have a responsibility to teach our children that looks are not the most important thing in the world. balance is everything. i tell my son he’s so smart and other compliments just as much, if not more than i tell him he’s my handsome boy.

My point: a girl shouldn’t think beauty is her main asset, but my goodness, use some balance.

I also like to go out, make myself pretty, and wear cute clothes, shoes, and makeup. There’s nothing wrong with that. The trick is to balance it with my work life- which is as much a part of who I am as the woman who puts on a fancy dress and heels to go out on Friday night. There’s a time and place for both. I’m so very, very thankful my mom (and dad too!!) encouraged the entire picture, and a balanced viewpoint- it’s great to love what you love- whether it’s taking apart engines and feeling a sense of accomplishment, or sewing (or wearing) a beautiful dress that fits one perfectly and makes them look (and feel) beautiful, and feeling the same sense of accomplishment.

this is an essay about Ambitions, and dreams what …

Interesting article.i really enjoy the moment when my 6 years old brother talk to me like this

it never ever occurs to me to address any child with a comment about their appearance. Unless I know them well and want to compliment their choice of attire. As a child people seemed to think it was their right to comment loudly on my appearance, they kept that up, actually, until I made it clear it was not okay.
I really think all kids should be taught to instruct rude people who want to comment on their appearance with a terse- my body is none of your business, or something equivalent.

I understand what you’re saying and I think the statistics you quoted were probably right, but I would have loved for you to comment on how nice I looked too, because I always had on my sister’s hand-me-downs and everyone had already seen them. I feel like the issue you’re saying is more fault with the parents than with a stranger.

My ambitions and dreams essay of mice - …

Thank you for your post. As a mom of a daughter, age 19, I can tell you that the trend to find your self worth in your looks is born at an early age. However, my daughter is strong and conversant and sometimes a pain in the ass. She does get down on herself for her weight 5’7″ and 170 lbs, but she is beautiful both inside and out and I couldn’t be more proud. At 48, as a recently divorced stay at home mom, I went back to school to get a business degree (graduated in 2011 -Thank You very much :)) and showed my kids that it isn’t only important to get an education but to use your brain to take care of yourself. I am constantly challenged to maintain a youthful appearance in order to maintain my place in a 20 something world where I now work and play. It’s wise to give kids a balanced perspective. Our inner self that is reflected in our outward appearance, is displayed, not for accolades, but to allow their self love to shine through.

I recently met the 5-year-old daughter of one of my wife’s co-workers when they had us over for dinner. I was warned that she was shy, so not to expect her to talk much with us strangers. When we arrived, she was playing with her LEGO toys, so I started looking at what she was building and asking her questions. When she learned that I have a large collection myself, work part-time at a LEGO Store, and knew all about the sets she had, she warmed up to me pretty quickly. Soon she was digging out her pile of instruction booklets to show off how many sets she owned.

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Goals dreams and ambitions essay - …

I tell both my boys (6 and 4) that they are gorgeous, and so won’t avoid doing so with my baby girl … but I hope that, as with my boys, we will spend far more time talking about the imaginary games they play.

Poems on dreams and ambitions essay Little Maya was ..

My daughter is a celebrity but anyone who speaks with her more than 5 minutes sees that there is a lot more to her. She is smart, intuitive, principled and witty. I raised her praising her virtues, her intellect and placed a higher value on who she was rather than what she looked like. All little girls must be told they are pretty but not any more than they are told they are smart, kind, strong, imaginative, patient, giving, or whatever virtue or strength reveals itself. Until Hollywood stops flaunting anorexic, face painted, young girls with tight or short clothing being rude to adults, parents are fighting an uphill battle.

Goals dreams and ambitions essay; ..

My 3rd grade–now 4th grade I imagine, granddaughter was visiting for the first time since January when she and her parents and brother moved out of state. I made oatmeal for her and unlike the other grandkids, she said she liked it and we discussed the small dash of cinnamon I had put in it. As she talked, she seemed so much older in the 5 months since she left and, golly, she was beautiful. I searched for a way to tell her this, but something held me back. Our conversation was about breakfast and other things and that made me realize, as it was happening, that her beauty in my mind was something I didn’t need to share.
Thanks for opening my eyes to see that I did something good! I will continue as I have 8 other granddaughters below the age of 18.

My ambitions and dreams essay writing - Silver …

You presume there is a causal link between parents/adults telling children they’re beautiful and the risk of developing body image issues. I think this is simplistic and I’m not at all convinced it’s accurate. Besides your lack of empirical evidence, from my own experience I had disordered eating behaviours for years when I was younger and I can tell you categorically it wasn’t because my parents told me I was beautiful too much; on the contrary!

Essay Of India Of My Dreams Free Essays - …

This is so true too. It troubles me that in society today people think intelligence and success are what we need to value. Not everyone has a high iq, not everyone has the capability to be super successful. What everyone does have the capability to do is develop a strong character. Anyone, even someone with a learning disorder, someone with down syndrome, etc, is capable of having a strong character. It is character traits- kindness, love, acceptance, compassion, that should be the top of our list of what we should encourage our youth to have…not “intelligence” or “good looks.” I know i beat myself up a lot because I get stressed with only a few things on my plate, and i compare myself to others, people like CEOs who have a billion things on their plate at all times and seem to be fine.

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