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Over the centuries the traditional roles of both the gurus and teachers underwent considerable change. The gurus now act more as spokesmen of dharma and messengers of faith, wielding considerable power and authority, while the teachers have become degraded into mere working class with a limited role and diminished prestige. The gurus now show no discomfort in accepting money and donations from their followers and prefer to live amidst people rather than in the forests. This development has the potential to corrupt and disrupt the very institutions and ideals they establish and promote. At the height of their popularity, some gurus become embroiled in controversies and court cases because of the petty jalousies and rivalries among his own followers. At the same time it also gives them the freedom to translate their ideals and vision in the desired direction and establish viable institutions to serve the poor and the needier sections of society.

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God comes to us in many forms, but He comes especially in the form of spiritually enlightened masters to show us the way. He speaks to us through them to address our need for spiritual guidance and inspiration. When you are empty, God fills in the vacuum. Gurus are such because they are empty in themselves and are filled with the presence of God. In Kashmiri Saivism, a guru is considered to be the primary source of liberation. Abhinavagupta, one of the chief proponents of the sect, suggested that of the three means available for liberation, the grace of Siva in the form of a spiritual guru (sambavopaya) was the most effective. He considered it to be more important than the other two means, namely the use of spiritual energy such as kundalini (saktopaya) and the use of egoistic effort (anavopaya) in the service of God such as serving godly people or religious institutions or doing menial work inside a temple. There is also a widespread belief among certain traditions of Hinduism that gurus have the ability to transfer their spiritual energy (shakti) to their followers and enlighten them instantly, using a special technique called shaktipatha. There are some gurus in India who claim to have the ability to awaken the kundalini en masse in groups of people by holding a group meditation session or by gently touching them each on the forehead or the back. Since gurus enjoy such high regard in our tradition, it is very easy for people to fall into the trap of bogus gurus. Therefore, when we are looking for a guru, we have to make sure that we are making the right decision and not falling into a self-induced trap.

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It is a mutual union in which people expect selfless support and motivation from their true friends.

She is selfless, she is focused on helping others, and she is committed to improving her community. As I continue to serve the public, Alfa Lopez will be one of those people will look to as a role model. The time I spent with her in her cramped office in Allentown, Pennsylvania will always be reminder to me of how I should serve.

I believe the power of one individual can truly make a difference in the lives of many. I’ve spent almost a decade in public service, including five years as an elected public official. I must admit that I take some pride in the fact that I have successfully avoided becoming seen as one of those pompous politicos who populate the corridors of power in our state and national capitals, or at least I hope I have.

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Altruism or selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others

A true master comes to this world rarely. He becomes a guru after prolonged practice over several lives. His mere presence in the world electrifies the atmosphere and inspires millions of people to turn to spiritualism. Slowly but surely he transforms the people who come into contact with him through his teachings and techniques. Hinduism survived over the centuries because of the selfless service of several teacher traditions and ascetic movements. They protected the tradition and preserved its practices through carefully guarded conventions in which the master passed on the right knowledge to a few chosen disciples who in turn continued the practice down the line. Without their commitment and continued effort over these centuries, Hinduism would have been extinct by now.

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essays on selfless service in the army
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Essays on selfless service in the army

In ancient India there was a clear distinction between a spiritual master (guru) and an ordinary teacher (adhyapak). A guru commanded more respect in society than a teacher because he selected students on merit and assumed responsibility for their lives for the duration of their stay with him. They lived in his household, receiving knowledge from him directly, mastering the scriptures, while he took care of them, without expecting or insisting any monetary benefit or rewards in return. He taught them as he pleased, provided they stood up to his standards and expectations. A teacher on the other hand, taught the students by charging them money, without taking responsibility for their personal care. A guru, in ancient India, was not an ordinary person. He was an enlightened master, who lived in a forest, while a teacher was a mere professional, who lived amidst people and helped his students excel in their chosen fields of study. At the end of their education, it was customary for the students to reward their gurus with a gift (dakshina), without their asking, while the teacher received remuneration regularly for his services. The teachers were mostly this worldly, while the gurus were other worldly. The teachers taught the way to live in the world and succeed, while the gurus helped their students to transcend themselves and become self-aware. The teachers focused on the knowledge of rituals (karmakanda) while the gurus on the knowledge of the Self (atma-jnanam). As is evident from the Isa Upanishad, in ancient India both the approaches were deemed necessary for the continuation of dharma and education of people. The lower knowledge helped people in their worldly pursuits, while the higher knowledge led them to liberation.

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Overarching Societal Statements: Rather than using a traditional thesis statement you can put forth a societal observation that ties into the theme of your essay. This can be very effective if the statement is unique and gives a glimpse into how you view the world. It can be detrimental if your statement is debatable or unclear. Make sure that if you use this form of introduction that no admissions office will take offense to it.

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