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Red Scare Vs. The Crucible essays

Woodliff will be here around 7:20 if students want to come in before the pep rally. She will also be available during lunch (only a 30 minute lunch).
Wednesday, 31 August. Students took a few notes over The Crucible and characters. They filled out an anticipation guide and a "Puritain Quotient" worksheet to see how "puritan" they are. They had the rest of class to finish up decorating their journals.
Tuesday, 30 August. Students decorated their journals. They should have 10-15 words and 10-15 images (25 minimum total) that are representative of themselves.
Monday, 29 August. Students wrote the "It Happened on a Friday" argumentative essay in class. If they did not finish, they should have indicated it on their essay. All essays must be completed, in Mrs.

During the Red Scare, people were being accused of espionage, communism, and contempt of the court.

First performed in January of 1953 at the height of America's red scare, is first and foremost a political argument, relating the Salem witchcraft trials to their contemporary equivalent in Miller's time, the McCarthy hearings. The figurative 'witch hunt' of McCarthyism becomes literal in Miller's play, which is constructed to illustrate how fear and hysteria mixed with an atmosphere of persecution may lead to tragically unjust consequences. Miller presents the play with traditional theatrical devices, relying on the dialogue and situations to illustrate his themes, but finds these somewhat insufficient. In the first act, the play therefore contains a number of historical digressions that reveal the motivations of each character and which cannot be accurately conveyed through a strict stage interpretation.

The Crucible Relationship to Red Scare Essay - 363 Words

The increase in severity of the Red Scare and in the Crucible are almost identical.

The first campus teach-in on Vietnam took place at the University of Michigan on March 24-25, 1965, the same month that U.S. troops landed in Danang. Over 3,000 people showed up on the Ann Arbor campus for lectures and discussions that ran through the night. The purpose, as one flyer put it, was to focus attention “on this war, its consequences, and ways to stop it.” The educational venue quickly spread to other campuses. Within one week, thirty-five more had been held; and by the end of the year, 120 had taken place. Some were organized locally, others by the Universities Committee on Problems of War and Peace, a three-year old group based at Wayne State University. For Doug Dowd, a Cornell University professor, lifelong leftist, and activist organizer, the teach-ins were an exhilarating experience. He had gone through the Red Scare period when “you couldn’t get anybody to say anything about the Korean War…. Everybody was scared.” The teach-ins aimed to both educate people on the issues and inspire greater confidence in questioning political authorities and foreign policy experts.

–(if you will be at school tomorrow but not in this class)…you may want to finish reading Act IV and take the quiz tomorrow morning.
Wednesday, 14 September. Students watched Acts 2 & 3 of The Crucible. Essay corrections are due tomorrow.
Tuesday, 13 September. Students wrote in their , finished reading Act III, and had the rest of class (about 10 minutes) to work on Act III questions.
Monday, 12 September. Students wrote in their and listened to Act III through page 191.

the Crucible and the Red Scare by Mady Heil on Prezi

surrounding the Crucible and the Red Scare, the era of McCarthyism

Magnifying and applying come I,
Outbidding at the start the old cautious hucksters,
Taking myself the exact dimensions of Jehovah,
Lithographing Kronos, Zeus his son, and Hercules his grandson,
Buying drafts of Osiris, Isis, Belus, Brahma, Buddha,
In my portfolio placing Manito loose, Allah on a leaf, the crucifix
With Odin and the hideous-faced Mexitli and every idol and image,
Taking them all for what they are worth and not a cent more,
Admitting they were alive and did the work of their days,
(They bore mites as for unfledg'd birds who have now to rise and fly
and sing for themselves,)
Accepting the rough deific sketches to fill out better in myself,
bestowing them freely on each man and woman I see,
Discovering as much or more in a framer framing a house,
Putting higher claims for him there with his roll'd-up sleeves
driving the mallet and chisel,
Not objecting to special revelations, considering a curl of smoke or
a hair on the back of my hand just as curious as any revelation,
Lads ahold of fire-engines and hook-and-ladder ropes no less to me
than the gods of the antique wars,
Minding their voices peal through the crash of destruction,
Their brawny limbs passing safe over charr'd laths, their white
foreheads whole and unhurt out of the flames;
By the mechanic's wife with her babe at her nipple interceding for
every person born,
Three scythes at harvest whizzing in a row from three lusty angels
with shirts bagg'd out at their waists,
The snag-tooth'd hostler with red hair redeeming sins past and to come,
Selling all he possesses, traveling on foot to fee lawyers for his
brother and sit by him while he is tried for forgery;
What was strewn in the amplest strewing the square rod about me, and
not filling the square rod then,
The bull and the bug never worshipp'd half enough,
Dung and dirt more admirable than was dream'd,
The supernatural of no account, myself waiting my time to be one of
the supremes,
The day getting ready for me when I shall do as much good as the
best, and be as prodigious;
By my life-lumps!

I do not despise you priests, all time, the world over,
My faith is the greatest of faiths and the least of faiths,
Enclosing worship ancient and modern and all between ancient and modern,
Believing I shall come again upon the earth after five thousand years,
Waiting responses from oracles, honoring the gods, saluting the sun,
Making a fetich of the first rock or stump, powowing with sticks in
the circle of obis,
Helping the llama or brahmin as he trims the lamps of the idols,
Dancing yet through the streets in a phallic procession, rapt and
austere in the woods a gymnosophist,
Drinking mead from the skull-cap, to Shastas and Vedas admirant,
minding the Koran,
Walking the teokallis, spotted with gore from the stone and knife,
beating the serpent-skin drum,
Accepting the Gospels, accepting him that was crucified, knowing
assuredly that he is divine,
To the mass kneeling or the puritan's prayer rising, or sitting
patiently in a pew,
Ranting and frothing in my insane crisis, or waiting dead-like till
my spirit arouses me,
Looking forth on pavement and land, or outside of pavement and land,
Belonging to the winders of the circuit of circuits.

The Crucible and the Red Scare Research Paper - 848 …
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Free Essays on The Crucible and the Red Scare

Woodliff by 11:59pm on Sunday). an extra 7 points has been offered for typing in 12-point Times New Roman font.
Wednesday, 2 November. Students took the Romanticism Test. They had the rest of class (at least 20 minutes for ALL STUDENTS) to work on the essay.
Tuesday, 1 November. Students worked on brainstorming, writing a thesis statement, and embedding quotes.
Monday, 31 October. Today students watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," analyzing it for Transcendentalism. They had 20-25 minutes at the end of class to study for the test &/or work on the essay. The test has been moved to Wednesday. The brainstorming will be due tomorrow (checked in class).

Lesson Plans - The Crucible and the Red Scare

Woodliff was home with her sick son today. Students were given Chapter 5 questions, were to read Chapter 5, and were to be prepared for a quiz over Chapter 5 on Thursday. Tuesday, 29 November. Students wrote the Benchmark Essay. Any unfinished essays must be completed by Friday, December 2.
Monday, 28 November. Students started taking the Benchmark Exam. They read the 2 selections and answered the Reading Open Response questions. Any questions not answered in class will have to be answered in the classroom on the student's own time. 6th period took the Gatsby Chapter 4 quiz.
Times to come in and finish are:
--Tuesday 11/29
: before or after school.
--Wednesday 11/30: before school or during the 2nd half of lunch.
--Thursday 12/1: before or after school or during the 2nd half of lunch.
Tuesday, 22 November
. Students read Chapter 4 and answered quetsions. 6th period will have a quiz over Chapter 4 on Monday, November 28.
Monday, 21 November. Students took the Chapter 3 quiz. They got the Chapter 4 & 5 bookmark and Chapter 4 questions. Chapter 4 should be finished by the end of the day tomorrow. Chapter 4 questions, including the KWL chart, are due Tuesday, Novmeber 29.
Friday, 18 November. Students finished reading Chapter 3. They were to then answer chapter 3 questions and work on finding quotes for envelope topics. Chapter 3 Quiz on Monday: including those who aren't here today due to the football game. They were given copies of Chapter 3 yesterday.
Thursday, 17 November. Students took a quiz over Chapters 1 & 2. They were to start reading Chapter 3 silently. There will be a quiz over chapter 3 on Monday.
Wednesday, 16 November. Students read Chapter 2 aloud (or rather, Mrs.

Essay about red scare and the crucible - 619 Words | …

REMEMBER: you have to turn in the explanation paragraph and outline (thesis, 3 topic sentences, 6 quotes) before I will give you credit for your rough and final drafts.

Friday's outline was a very rough skeleton, but you should have 4 complete sentences ready to go into your essay.

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